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Kelly Snider

Author, Story Curator & Event Expert

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Your Story Your Strength


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Smoke rose from the home in the pre-dawn light.

A kind stranger stopped his car and ran to the house, sending his daughter to wake the neighbours and call the fire department.

From inside, he could hear the screams of a child.

This day began the author's journey towards discovering the incredible power of story. Power to not only understand the events of her life, but also to see patterns, find healing, foster better relationships, and to discover her strengths and even her purpose. And this undeniable, awe-inspiring, life-changing power lies within EVERY story. Including yours.

No matter who you are or what you've been through, there's a lesson, a gift, in your story. In these pages you can find that healing, that lesson or gift, and then discover your own way to share that story with the world to encourage healing in others. Take this journey and free yourself to embrace your purpose

and all you were created to be.

That is the power of your story.

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Having been a storyteller for more than three decades, I am a firm believer in the power of story. In this book, Kelly not only tells her own story with expert finesse, but also walks with readers on their own healing path. The combination is powerful, moving, and healing. I am beyond grateful for this work!

Lisa Lampanelli

Lisa Lampanelli, 
Storyteller, Bad-Ass,
Retired Insult Comic

This book is a unique and powerful look into who we are and the stories that define us. Kelly has a way of writing that makes the reader examine the deeply-rooted patterns behind how we think and gently suggests more productive ways to reflect on both past and present events. She shows us that by changing the way we see our stories, we can see our lives through a better lens.

Dr. J. Tod Pelly,  
Owner, The Pelly Clinic

A quintessential piece of literature for anyone who wants to grow as a person or have an impact on others. Every person, especially those who are in the midst of living through or processing their own struggle and experience, should have this book in their hands. It is one of those world-changers, and I am honoured to have read it. I can't wait to gift this to literally everyone I care about.


Emily Scott,



Kelly Snider is a bestselling author and story curator who thoughtfully collects and preserves stories through creating events, writing books, interviewing guests on her podcast and facilitating life-changing story workshops. She is an expert at extracting stories and identifying value and strength within the narrative. As an acclaimed event producer, she highlights her clients' individual stories, needs and goals. Since the 1996, Kelly's story-focused events have raised over twelve million dollars net for charities around the world.

Kelly brings her mission of supporting and inspiring others to life through sharing the stories that connect us all, and her generosity in sharing her own stories of overcoming adversity and challenge has emboldened thousands to find the freedom and strength to share their own. Through her platforms The Power of Story Conference 2017, the Epic Exchanges Podcast, and the Epic Exchanges collaborative anthologies, she helps people find the true gifts within their stories and share them in order to inspire others and transform lives. She thrives in finding ways to connect people and may be slightly obsessed with hummingbirds, the ocean and deep and meaningful conversations.



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Start Your Story Collection

Story is the key to connecting with anyone in your life: family, friends,

co-workers, clients, and yes, even

potential clients.
But not just any story will work!
This 90-minute class will help you start your own collection of stories to use in everything from understanding your family history and personal past to connecting with clients, and even help you create deeper relationships.


Sacred Story Circle


An 8-week small group deep dive into all the stories that make up who we are and all we have to offer.  Reveal, heal and transform how you see yourself and your stories for improved relationships, greater personal clarity and purpose! 


Story Strategy

Three one-on-one sessions to discover, define and prepare your story for sharing it with a wider audience. What would you love to do with your story - write a book, build a business, share from a stage?
The possibilities are endless! 
Let's talk about your dreams
and make them happen!

Your time is now!

Not sure where to start? No problem! Let's have a conversation and find out what will work for you and your story (or all your stories!)


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